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"I’ve been going to the gym for years and wasn’t making much progress getting more in shape, so I finally decided to try out Enter Martial Arts, which is in my neighborhood. I wasn’t really sure what to expect since I’ve never done martial arts before, but I wanted to change up my workout routine and find something more effective. I go to class twice a week, and I feel GREAT!! The classes are well-structured and Coach Nick does a great job explaining techniques and keeping exercises interesting. He’s also been certified as a personal trainer (best of both worlds), so he’s great at combining martial arts techniques with strength and flexibility exercises. Highly recommend!!"


"I've always been interested in learning martial arts and I joined Enter Martial Arts after seeing its amazing reviews on Yelp. Coach Nick is really passionate about teaching and the class setup is great - it's designed for everyone to learn techniques at their own pace and still reach their potential. FYI, I used to get short of breath after walking up a few flights of stairs at work, and now I can actually walk up them without feeling like I just ran a mile! Other perks are the school is clean, classes aren't too crowded and there's plenty of parking."


"My kicks are getting stronger. I’ve become more flexible. In the 6 months I’ve trained at Enter Martial Arts, I’ve never been injured or felt like I was being pushed past my limits."


"I really feel like the coaches at Enter Martial Arts understand my goals when training with them. I didn’t want to chase after belts. I have nothing to prove here. I just want a great workout and to know that the techniques that I’m learning are correct and getting stronger. I have never felt pressured to do new movements when I wasn’t confident to move forward. We also practice self defense techniques, including ones that the coaches tailor specifically to my strengths (and height haha). Thanks for helping me feel like a martial artist at my own pace."


"My daughter just earned her yellow belt with a black stripe and I’m so proud of how far she’s come along in just a few months. She’s recently been given a new responsibility of occasionally leading the warm-ups in class. She was timid at first, but with the encouragement of Coach Nick and the other students, she did just fine. The team atmosphere created here is just wonderful. I’m glad Coach Nick values these social skills as much as he focuses on punches and kicks."


"I have never enjoyed exercising. It just wasn’t very interesting to me. A friend of mine pushed me to train with her at Enter Martial Arts, and I’m glad she did. After a few weeks, I could touch my toes again and the movements are challenging but not impossible or overly intimidating. I never would have joined a martial arts school on my own but between the motivating compliments from everyone and Coach Nick’s cheesy jokes, the 1 hour session just flies by. Side note: bring a towel, You’re gonna sweat."


"My son has been training with Coach Nick for just about a month now and his confidence levels are soaring. He practices on his own at home because he’s rewarded for remembering the techniques that he was taught. I even heard a “yes ma’am” after I asked him to help me with the dishes. I tell all of my friends about Coach Nick’s classes."

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